Success Stories

"One youth in particular really grasped the Healthy Choices, Healthy Children lessons and staff watched this young man blossom over the course of the summer. We selected this boy to attend the Ripken overnight camp due to his outstanding behavior, sportsmanship, and attitude. He really took the lessons to heart. Last winter and spring this young man was having issues, and his father was recently incarcerated. By giving him opportunities to spread his wings and learn new things this young man has become one of our leaders at the ripe old age of 13. His turnaround has made all staff proud, and he continues with his own personal growth by being on his school's honor roll with a 3.8 GPA in the first mark period. This young man learned so much through his participation in this program that we are anxious to see who the next turn-around youth will be this year."
- Youth Service Director at a Wisconsin Badges for Baseball program site

A boy congratulates his teammate on a job well done.

"The Badges for Baseball program was a 100% law enforcement participation program and the kids that participated were at risk kids who would never speak or communicate with the police. That has changed drastically, these kids now run up to the police cruisers and they want to talk to the police. The attitude of these kids has changed for the better not only towards the police but in everyday life.... It was amazing to see the transformation from scared, timid children to outgoing and enthusiastic athletes."
- Sgt. Randy Shaw, Stafford County, Virginia

There’s no “I” in team!

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