Joe Rossow

Joe Rossow

Executive Vice President, Programs and Operations

Rossow will play a critical role in various Ripken Foundation initiatives across the country, as well as a focus on Youth Development Parks in the Greater Minneapolis area. Using his expertise in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), he will also work to elevate the Ripken Foundation’s programming and curriculum.

As principal of the Dowling School, Rossow was a pivotal figure in transforming the institution into one of the top performing magnet schools in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  During his eight-year tenure as principal, Joe helped secure over $300,000 in donations to redesign an existing playground, making it 100 percent accessible to all students. He also revitalized the Environmental Education program and E-STEAM to include programs and activities to help students learn through experiential means.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to be a part of such a respected national organization that allows me to pair my passion for education with helping underprivileged youth across the country,” said Rossow. “I’m looking forward to exploring new avenues to increase our reach and creating opportunities for kids to succeed no matter their circumstances.”

Throughout his 23 years of service in education, Rossow has received numerous accolades, including the Minnesota Elementary School Principal Association Division Leadership Achievement Award, as well as Minneapolis Public School Teacher of the Year Award.