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Harvard deemed the need for a STEM-capable workforce an “urgent national priority.” Our response: inspire a new generation of innovators.

The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation sees the STEM education gap as an opportunity to apply key lessons from sports—teamwork, respect, communication, and resilience—to the classroom.

Aiming to increase the number of minority and at-risk youth pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math careers, our STEM program  provide interactive afterschool lessons without the pressure of grades. An emphasis on collaboration and critical thinking shapes productive adults with the integrity to initiate positive changes in their communities.

We launched our STEM initiative in 2016 with 10 Ripken Foundation STEM Centers. The Ripken Foundation STEM Center includes the following components:

  • Equipment Packages
  • Tool Kit
  • Curriculum
  • An opportunity to participate in the Ripken Foundation National STEM Challenge
  • Ongoing Program and Technical Support

Today, our curriculum is available for local partners across the country to complement our many youth development programs.

The Ripken STEM program would not exist without support from the Sea Research Foundation, Battelle Memorial Institute, and the Schwab Family and their MAST STEM initiative.
Through their support, we created the Ripken Foundation STEM Centers with 14 locations nationwide as of 2018.

Visit our Resource Portal to learn more about guiding youth toward successful futures with STEM education.

Students who live in underserved communities typically lack access to what are now considered STEM basics: up-to-date labs, laptop or tablet computers and access to the Internet.

Students watching a 3D Printer in action

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