134 NEW STEM Centers in Texas & New Mexico

Aug 24, 2022

Thanks to a generous $7.5M commitment from the Permian Strategic Partnership over the next five years, the Ripken Foundation will open approximately 134 new STEM Centers in every elementary school located in the Permian Basin throughout Texas and New Mexico.

President and CEO of the Permian Strategic Partnership, Tracee Bentley, spoke about the commitment in a press release, stating "This investment in STEM Centers allows PSP to have a positive impact on education across the entire Permian Basin and have a touchpoint with every school district. With a STEM center in each elementary school, we hope to inspire young learners to explore careers in STEM fields, teach STEM concepts, and encourage them to develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed for lifelong success."

Each fully equipped STEM Center will include educational STEM products, curriculum, and technology; training for educators; and furniture. These turnkey STEM Centers will bring year-round educational opportunities to youth that currently do not have access to STEM learning.

Educators celebrated the generous gift, which will impact over 60,000 kids in 22 counties.

MISD Deputy Superintendent Kregg Cuellar said it best, “The future definitely is rooted in science, tech, engineering, and mathematics. To think that we’re going to have every elementary student in all of our 27 schools have access to 21st century stem engaging activities in a curriculum is truly going to open up the door for our students like you wouldn’t believe.”

For more information about the Ripken Foundation STEM Center, click here.