Adapting to the Digital Age

Jan 02, 2013

“Adjustments and readjustments are constant in the game of baseball as well as life itself.”  

The words of Cal Ripken, Sr. fit so well here in our first blog entry as we enter a new era in striving toward our mission at the Foundation.  In the environment in which we find ourselves, communication is everything.  How much can you say? How fast can you say it? How many people listen to your every utterance?  We’ve become a nation of followers – in the digital sense that is.  The way in which we communicate changes nearly every day and if we are to succeed we have to adapt, or readjust.  

With that in mind, we’ve set out to create a training tool that uses the power of social media, video, and many other types of communication to create a gathering point for those who dedicate their lives to bettering the lives of young people.  This tool is meant to be an asset in your work.  A place in which you share best practices, discover new ways of doing things, and engage with peers for encouragement. While we hope to provide insight from our interactions with thousands of professionals each year, it is our vision that this tool becomes a destination for dialogue and inspiration that is driven by you, our partners. 

Today’s entry marks the first of many in which we will provide our partners, friends, and fellow coaches with tools and tips to assist you in your day-to-day adventures with kids. As you continue on this journey with us, please always remember that we, as coaches and leaders, are channels of communication for kids. This tool is meant to be a vehicle for you to communicate as well – communicate with us, with others, and with the world of youth development.