Creating a Goal Map

Jan 07, 2016

In the beginning of each year, many people talk about and set New Year’s resolutions.  Most people are actively engaged in their resolutions in the beginning and tend to let them fall to the wayside as the year progresses.  If a New Year’s resolution is a goal or intention for the upcoming year, how can you stay focused and maintain motivation?

A goal is a standard that you want to achieve in a specific time frame.  For the New Year, I challenge you to go one step further and create a goal map.  A goal map requires effort and persistence towards your set goal.  It allows you to incorporate working toward your goal into a lifestyle.  It provides focus and incorporates all aspects of your life. 

The Goal Mapping System

  1. Define your purpose.
    1. This is your WHY. Why do you want to pursue this goal?  What drives you to do so?
    2. Once you have defined WHY you are going to strive for your goal, it inspires passion and energy to pursue said goal.
  2. Plan and develop your goal map.
    1. This is the WHAT.  What steps will you need to take to accomplish your goal?
    2. Remember to set several short term goals that lead you to achieve your long term goal. 
    3. Focus on SMARTS goals:
      1. Specific
      2. Measurable
      3. Aggressive yet achievable
      4. Relative to what you want to accomplish
      5. Time-bound
      6. Self-determined
  3. Act on your purpose.
    1. This step allows you to integrate your goal map into a lifestyle.  Live your map everyday!
    2. Be sure to engage in productive behaviors that work toward your goal.  Remember, everyone has an off day.  Rather than letting it destroy the goal, use it as an opportunity to create a plan to refocus your efforts. 
  4. Sense and seize your purpose.
    1. Constantly revisit WHY you created your goal and your sense of purpose.  It acts as a great motivator and reminder that this is a journey.  Hold yourself accountable and recommit to your goal. 

One of the pillars of “The Ripken Way” is to explain the why.  When you explain the why, it allows for better buy in from your kids.  The same thing happens with yourself.  When you set your purpose and explain your WHY, you will buy into the process of achieving your goal and it will become a lifestyle.