CRSF Camp 1 Day 2

May 30, 2013

First full day of #CRSFCamp is in the books, and let me tell you, WHAT A DAY! All of our teams started out a little shy and not too sure of their teammates, but I can tell you now that the day is over many new friends have been made.

We started the day off bright and early at the crack of dawn. A healthy dose of pancakes was served to everyone and then we were off to Aberdeen for some baseball! The kids were a little sleepy on the bus ride over, but as soon as they saw the stadium—looming in the distance as we drove up—they practically jumped out of their seats.

We ran some drills on Cal, Sr.’s Yard to teach some core fundamentals to the kids. After about an hour, we broke up into groups and headed to different fields all over the complex and worked on specific skills related to baseball and softball!

Lunch was, of course, an exciting part of the day. It offered all of us a break from the heat and a chance to catch up with our new friends and talk about the awesome new skills we all just learned.

As soon as we finished chowing down on our grub, we were treated with an awesome presentation by medics from the Maryland National Guard. The kids got to climb up into the Humvees that they brought and they showed us how they would help a solider in need when they are out in the field.

After the National Guard presentation, we headed back out to the fields for some baseball games with the help of our new National Guard friends and some US Deputy Marshals joined as well to help coach.

The kids had a wonderful time playing baseball but I could tell that after their games they were ready to head back to camp and jump into the pool. Me, I was ready for some A.C.!!!

The afternoon portion of our day involved some serious fun. We climbed the rock wall, did the ropes course, swam in the pool, shot some baskets, played tetherball, played beach volleyball, faced some fears, made even more new friends, and even played a game of human rock-paper-scissors!

After dinner I caught up with some of the campers and asked them what they enjoyed and learned today, here is what some of them said:

“Today I learned how to throw a baseball by a coach.” - Leon from Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta

“I enjoyed making friends today.” - Drayton from Boys & Girls Clubs of North Mississippi

“I enjoyed the pool today!!” - Darnell from Chicago PAL

“I liked the baseball game and the pool. I hit good today.” - Evan from Boys & Girls Club of Bartlesville (Oklahoma)

“Even though we are different and everyone is different we have to work together and find a way to get things done.” - Ron from Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Mississippi

All I know is that if the rest of the week is as good as today, and if we continue to have as much fun as today, then this could quite possibly be the greatest week of my life.

Rookie out.


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