CRSF Camp 2 Recap: On the field and off the wall fun

Jun 20, 2013

So what else did we do at camp last week? 

We practiced our footwork…

…and had lots of fun playing baseball…

…competing in bear crawl relay races…

…and taking dance breaks!

Back at the overnight camp facility, kids had the chance to challenge themselves…

…and enjoy a screaming good time on the zip line and big swing!

Admittedly, Thursday morning did not get off to a good start.

So we spent the rain delay watching Sandlot, and then lo and behold, the sun came out!  As if it knew how much we wanted to go out and play!

Then, it rained again, so we just played some indoor games…

We played some really funny games during the week, too.  Like competing to get the most ping pong balls into the bucket on our partner’s head…

fun games at Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation Summer Camp

…or seeing who could balance a cup of water on their head the longest!

fun games at Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation Summer Camp

All in all, as Coach Brooke said, “we had a beary good time.”

Thanks to all who came for making it a great experience.  Congratulations to our Team of the Week, Blue 5!

And to our Campers of the Week!