CRSF Camp 3: Blue moon and blue fingers at the IronBirds game

Aug 21, 2013

Last night we had the awesome opportunity to take the kids to an Aberdeen IronBirds game! Not only was it a blue moon last night, but it was a perfect summer evening in Maryland. The game was a great success! We entered through a private entrance through the back of the stadium. I don’t know about the kids, but I felt like a rock star last night. We got to walk by the opposing team’s bullpen, and even the pitchers warming up had to stop and take a look at the great group of kids walking in with matching number seven shirts. All of us in our section were surprised as 200 foam fingers got delivered to us. Those things were great to get cheers going. Picture the wave with 200 foam fingers…the only word to describe it was AWESOME! This was my first IronBirds game, and I am really glad that I got to do it with this group of kids. I will not forget and I sure hope they don’t either. It was a once in a blue moon kind of experience. BROOKE. OUT!