CRSF Camp 4: The last hurrah

Aug 26, 2013

In some parts of the country, including our home state of Maryland, many kids are already back in the classrooms and on school buses.  Fortunately for us, some of our kids have one last week of summer vacation so that we get to squeeze in one last week of #CRSFcamp!

This week, we're ending our summer with over 150 boys and girls from 9 states: California, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

We have some more exciting activities planned, so stay tuned all week for updates for what we're doing and learning at camp!  We will also be tweeting updates and pictures, so if that’s more your speed, get live updates on Twitter by following the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation program team or #CRSFCamp.