CRSFCamp - 2017 Week 1 Sliding into Home

Jun 15, 2017

It's hard to believe this is being written anywhere but North Bay and without the joyous sounds of campers savoring their vacation from their families, but alas the campers have made their way home, and we are left with one final blog to reminisce on the fun of the last days of camp! Wednesday was our final day at Aberdeen, and it was a fun day indeed! Campers went through their normal warm-ups, but when it was all said and done, the Cha-Cha Slide came over the speakers and we had ourselves an infield dance party! We kept up the fun with the Cupid Shuffle, before heading off to our rotation of skill stations. After a delicious lunch, campers were treated to a presentation from the Montgomery County Police Department Canine Unit. During lunch, the officers brought the dogs around for a meet and greet where campers got to pet the dogs before they saw them in action. The officers then demonstrated ways that their K-9 partners assist in solving crimes such as finding items in a large field, detecting illegal substances, and even aprehending criminals. 

After the excitement of seeing police dogs in action, campers played in scrimmages. Our campers are trying things for the first time this week, and for a good number of them Monday was the first time they had ever played baseball/softball in any form. All coaches, staff, and volunteers were blown away by the progress campers had shown come Wednesday - and these were some awesome scrimmages. When the final outs were scored and bases ran, campers were treated to a presentation from Ernie Graham! Once all was said and done in Aberdeen, campers loaded up and headed back to the campground for more afternoon fun. The end of the day brought our closing ceremony with a camper dance-off and our camp awards. Each team voted on a camper of the week - These campers were stellar examples of character, leadership, and integrity throuhout the week. Along with camper of the week, one team was chosen as team of the week. Congratulations again to all of our campers of the week and our team of the week! 

After our awards, campers and chaperones packed up and got ready for an early morning. Thursday, most of the camp was up and at-em before 6 AM. Many hugs were given out, the buses were packed, and camp came to a close. This week was phenomenal, and I hope the campers enjoyed it as much as I did! As always, check out some picures below, and don't forget to check out the #CRSFCamp hashtag, or the Program Team List here on Twitter!

The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation staff had a fantastic week, and while we have two more weeks of camp later this summer, this one will be hard to top! We hope the memories made last a lifetime, and that all our campers, chaperones, volunteers, and friends had a wonderful week! And once again, we want to extend our thanks to Southwest Airlines, Under Armour, Rawlings, BSN Sports, and Walmart. Without their support, our camp would not be possible! 

Infield Dance Party!

Wednesday's scrimmage on Cal Sr.'s Yard

Ernie Graham speaking to the campers

The Montgomery County Police Department showing how the dogs search vehicles

Campers zip-lining through the treetops!

Enjoying an afternoon swim!

Our Week 1 Campers of the Week!

Our Week 1 Team of the Week!

Loading up the buses at the nice early time of 6 AM! Sad to see you all go!