Cyberbullying: Today’s Resilience Play of the Day!

May 17, 2021

It's important that everyone learns that bullying can have a lasting impact. The same goes for cyberbullying. Today's #RipkenPlaybook will show you how people can be impacted by all types of bullying. 

1. Piece of paper
2. Pen/ pencil
3. Colored pencils

Activity Instructions:
1. First, you want to start with a sheet of paper.
2. Then, start by drawing an apple, it can be; green, yellow, red, or any color you want!
3. Once your apple is drawn add a little stem and leaf to it.
4. Now, you have your complete apple give it any name you would like.
5. Next, think about an app on your phone, computer, ipad, or ipod that you like.
           a. ex) snapchat, facebook, instagram, tik tok.
6. Now, think about anytime anyone has said anything mean about you or someone else on
the internet.
7. Next I want you to draw some brown spots on it.
8. Do we know what brown spots on an apple means? It means it is bruised.
9. Bruising can not only happen physically but also inside of us, so when we are on our
favorite social media app we want to make sure we are being kind to our friends.