Education is Key to Prevention

Dec 04, 2014

Do you hold staff and volunteer trainings once a year?  Quarterly?  Do you have one massive orientation for everyone or do you provide training throughout the year?

There is no right or wrong answer.  Each organization’s needs will be different as are staffing and volunteers.  But sometimes it’s easy to check off a training as completed and forget about team members who may have joined in between and who may be missing information.  So regardless of your training calendar, here’s a handy check-in question:

Have you hired new staff or recruited new volunteers who may have missed some of your trainings?

As organizations serving children, it’s important that everyone who works with us is knowledgeable about child sexual abuse, ways to prevent it, and proper response and reporting should we learn about an incident.

The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation Child Protection Training Series can be viewed on an individual basis at any time and can be built into your onboarding process for new staff and volunteers.  These 7 short videos break down the basics of what constitutes child sexual abuse, how sexual predators operate, building blocks of organizational child protection policies, background screening, training for staff/volunteers, and proper response and reporting.  

All your staff or volunteers need to access the training course is a account.  If you have not already created your free account, join today for tools and resources to help you keep kids safe and coach uncommon kids!

Education is key to prevention, and it is the first step, but it is only part of the equation.  Check out our entire National Child Protection Toolkit today!