Every person has their own destiny

May 06, 2013

They said we would never make it
I was always told that
Every person has their own destiny
And to never let anything or any person get the best of me
That’s the one way in life to succeed

Part of what we try to do at the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation is show kids that they are not powerless—each of us can choose how to handle whatever life has thrown our way.  But you have to know what your options are first.   

Today, part of our team is in Starkville, Mississippi, for a College Experience Day at Mississippi State University.  (Follow Rosina, Flynn, and Travis on Twitter for updates!)  The goal of these events is to show kids that higher education is a real option, to help them envision themselves on a campus, and to allow them to ask real college students about what it’s like and how they got there.

We met EJ and Tanner during a College Experience Day at the University of Mary Washington last fall. During the event, EJ took the time to share his personal story with kids participating in Badges for Baseball and the duo led our kids in a few school spirit cheers. Coming from a community facing challenges like those faced by the kids we serve each day, EJ is a great example of someone who took control of his own destiny and is making choices to get to where he wants to go.

Turns out EJ and is also a talented rapper. Together with Tanner and some of their other talented friends, they produced the song “Selfdom” and this music video:


They can’t stop us
No, they can’t stop you
The only person that can beat you’s inside you

What songs do you find inspirational or that have a great message for kids?