February is American Heart Month

Feb 17, 2016

“To feel good from your head to your feet, keep a healthy heart beat!” - Unknown

The easiest and most convenient way to having a healthy heart is to educate yourself! If you know the right way to take care of both your body and your heart, then you will have a better chance of having a healthy lifestyle.  Keep it simple with these 7 keys to maintaining a healthy heart from the American Heart Association.

While educating yourself can be easy, the one thing that you don’t want to do is be afraid to ask questions. If you have a question about your heart, ask! Call your doctor and ask him or her your question, no matter how small or big of a deal it may be! That’s what they are there for.

You are never too young to have a problem with your heart. Some people don’t get them at all, some don’t get them until later in life and some people, like me, are born with them! I was born with a heart murmur. It is not a serious condition, but it is something that my doctor and I keep an eye on. With healthy eating, being active regularly, and knowing what else keeps a healthy heart pumping, I have nothing to worry about! No matter how big or small you think a problem may be, be sure to ask your doctor, and he or she will help.

It is important to encourage the kids you serve to take care of their hearts with healthy eating and an active lifestyle. However, it is just as important to lead by example; remember to take care of yourself, too!