Finishing First

Apr 11, 2013

Norma Warren is the Treasurer for the Jackie Robinson League in Greenville, NC.

My name is Norma Warren. I am a resident of Greenville, NC, where we house the ONLY Jackie Robinson Baseball League (JRBL) in the country.  The JRBL has been in existence for 22 years. During the very early stages of our inception, we contacted Mrs. Robinson and received her blessings to follow our founders’ dreams of providing a baseball league for members of our community who do not have an opportunity to compete elsewhere. 

We are soooooooooooo excited about the upcoming release of 42 and are in the process of planning a special screening in one of our local theaters for the 200 players we serve.  I even contacted Sharon Robinson, inviting her to our opening day, and mentioning how incredibly proud she must be of her father’s legacy.  Imagine my surprise to receive this e-mail response:


I agree...your boys are the perfect audience for 42! It's a powerful movie and it will make them proud of their affiliation with JR.
My spring/summer schedule is always packed so I'll miss your opener. Good luck with the season!

My best,

The mission of our program is to use baseball to teach the fundamentals of work ethics, integrity, discipline, sportsmanship, and team unity. We truly believe our purpose extends much further than producing great baseball players and winning teams. We are investing in our youth. 

Jackie Robinson not only demonstrated these characteristics and values, but also paved the way for all our kids to play today.  If we can use his story to help our players dream bigger than their circumstances, we all “finish first.”