Flower Pot: Today's Resilience Play of the Day!

Mar 29, 2021

Resilience, what is that exactly? Resilience is when you focus on how to grow from your
mistakes and when you can understand your failures while still learning from them. This is such
an important skill to have, as everyone in the whole wide world makes mistakes and learning
from them is how we develop as individuals. This activity is going to help you learn ways to
grow from past mistakes and see how to learn about our failures and make it into something

1. Paper
2. Pencil/Pen
3. Colored Pencils

Activity Instructions:
1. Start with your sheet of paper and draw a little pot, something maybe you could put a
flower in.
2. After you have your pot, draw your name on the pot.
3. Now, draw a little flower stem coming out of your pot, once you have your stem, make a
little arrow and write something that you have made a mistake with in the past.
a. This could be something like yelling at your siblings or friends.
b. Not sharing your toys or art supplies.
4. Once you have the problem, start drawing some leaves on the stem.
5. Now that we have our leaves (at least 2) try and think of two other solutions to the
mistake you made.
a. This could be, staying calm when talking to our friends or siblings even if they do
something you don’t like.
b. Maybe we could have shared our art supplies or toys for a little.
6. Now that you have your stem and leaves on the drawing it’s time for the best part...the
flower! This section be as creative as you want, maybe draw it as your favorite color or
multiple colors.
7. With the flower you have, that shows us that when we reflect on our mistakes and failures
we can grow from them and it can turn into something beautiful.