Friday's Final Thought Camp Edition: Life Lessons from Dad

Jun 14, 2013

As Bill Ripken likes to say of his dad and brother, “Without a Senior, there would never have been a Junior.”  There wouldn’t have been a Bill either!  Not just in the biological sense, but all of us are the people we are today because of our parents (and people who are just like mothers or fathers)—people who loved us, invested in us, and taught us important life skills and lessons!

So in light of Father’s Day this coming Sunday, I figured I would go around and talk to some of our campers and counselors to see how their fathers have made a positive impact on them.

“My dad’s really strict about my grades.” - Jai from Boys & Girls Club of Wake County

“Don’t let anybody that gave up on their dreams let them talk you out of yours” - Alexyss from Boys & Girls Club of Collier County

“Be who you want to be.” - Melanie from Boys & Girls Club of Collier County

“My dad introduced me to baseball. We watched it together every Sunday.” - Ms. Carla.

Ms. Carla’s dad passed away while she was watching a game with him on a Sunday, and she has stuck with the sport because it helps his memory live on.

“Be home before dark when you’re riding your bike.” - Braylen from Boys & Girls Club of Falls Co., Texas

“Always give 100% on what you do.” - Blake from the City of Fayetteville

“Always treat others the way you want to be treated and to always be the best you can be no matter what it is.” - Ms. Whitney from Boys & Girls Clubs of Nash/Edgecombe Counties

“My dad always tells me to do what you love and love what you do. If you’re not happy then it’s not worth it.” - Nurse Jess

As you can see each and every one of us has had some sort of wisdom imparted on us by our fathers. Cal and Bill share a great message with us and it’s easy to see this message is universal. We owe our fathers a lot, and on this day, we celebrate you!

Thanks dads!

Brooke OUT.

Come back next week, when we recap the June camp in photos!