Friday's Final Thought: Looking for the good

Apr 19, 2013

Life often demands that our attention be placed on the most awful acts. It’s human nature to want to know why, how, who…

But as much as we want to, sometimes we just don’t have those answers.  Each day, we at the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation have the privilege of working with partners across the country that dedicate their lives to bettering the future.  By working to provide kids with a solid, stable, fun environment in which they can grow, we are all doing a small part to make the future just a bit brighter.

So, on this Friday of a difficult week across our country we look to the good things.  We relish in the smiles of kids enjoying their first t-ball game.  We are in awe of the courage of law enforcement and the amazing example they set for the next generation of heroes.  We are inspired once again by the story that was number 42 for the Dodgers.  We are overjoyed by the 7 year old with his very own rookie card.

I guess, of all the tough times we see, there are always reasons to smile.  Actually, I know there are.