Friday's Final Thought: Together

Mar 15, 2013

As we come up to one of my favorite times of year, March Madness, I always get excited about the opportunity to watch great stories of underdogs, buzzer beaters, and overcoming obstacles unfold.  But with all that excitement encompassing that four week stretch, my most enjoyable moment is the playing of “One Shining Moment.”  It is the final piece of the NCAA Tournament and includes all of the visuals of the greatest plays, hardships, and captures the overall excitement of the tournament.  Not only is it a recounting of memories, but with its lyrics it describes an opportunity for kids to be part of something bigger but learn about life lessons in the process.

Any team that is able to be included in the field of 68, must be described as a group of individuals who have come together with one main goal in mind.  In order to achieve that attainable goal, they all have to work as one.  As we begin our Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation training circuit across the US, we are reminded of that team effort and what impact it can bring to youth.  As a community organization, a funder, a law enforcement volunteer, and our Foundation staff, we all need to realize that we are a team that can succeed but only with hard work, communication, and desire.    

Each kid may have set goals in mind, but do they necessarily understand what it takes to achieve such rewards?  Most likely not, and if they do, they are well beyond their years, but at the Foundation we believe that if our “team” in each community comes together with energy, dedication, and true passion we can make the lives of the youth around us better.  We can bring a smile to their face and we can reassure them that life is meant to be full of enjoyment.  The sort of the enjoyment you will see, April 8th, when that one winning team hoists that trophy together for their one shining moment.

Tell us when you had your one shining moment, when you defied odds and your hard work proved to bring you to a moment of achievement.      

For a little inspiration, watch the 2012 NCAA Tournament ‘s “One Shining Moment.”