Icebreakers: Balloon Game

Aug 06, 2014

This August, we have some reinforcements in the form of AmeriCorps NCCC members!  A little more on that later, but they shared some fun icebreakers and other activities with us that we are sharing with you!

Balloon Game

  • Group Size: 6-10
  • Length of Activity: 15 minutes
  • Equipment Needed: A bag of balloons that are all the same color. Paper and pens
  • Before You Start:
    • Have the kids write one thing about themselves onto a small slip of paper.  Depending on time you can have everybody write more than one, but everyone should write an equal number.
    • Place the piece of paper into the balloon and have the person blow it up and tie it.
    • Form a circle and place all of the balloons in the center.
  • How To Play:
    • One by one, pop the balloons and guess to whom that piece of information belongs. Do this until there are no balloons left.