Icebreakers: Name Touch

May 15, 2014

Icebreakers are a great tool for people to get more comfortable with one another.  That starts with learning names.  We believe in making it fun, and this icebreaker does just that!

Name Touch:

·         Group size: 5 – 30

·         Length of Activity: 10 minutes

·         Goal: To develop listening skills and learn everyone’s name.

·         Equipment Needed: None

·         Before you Start:

o   Have the players go around and introduce themselves.

o   Demonstrate safe tagging to avoid injuries.

§  Light tapping; avoid hard contact that may hurt someone.

o   Have the players form a circle around one player in the middle.

o   Everyone in the circle then puts one arm out directly in front of them with their palm facing up.

·         How to Play:

o   The leader begins the game by saying someone’s name that’s in the circle.

o   The player whose name was called must say another players name before the player in the middle runs over and tags their hand.

o   This process continues until the player in the middle tags someone.

o   When the circle player gets tagged before they can say another name, they switch with the player in the middle and become the tagger.

o   The player who was just in the circle begins the next round by calling out a name.

·         Variations:

o   Have the players in the circle close their eyes so they cannot see the player in the middle coming towards them.