"Inside the Ripken Foundation"

Sep 04, 2019

Hello, Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation supporters! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is A.J. Finnimore, and I’m a new program coordinator at the Ripken Foundation. I am so excited for this opportunity to connect with you using this platform. My goal is to highlight all of the amazing things that are going on at the Foundation from my own unique perspective. I would love to continue this conversation with you every week and get your feedback as we start this journey together. 

Here is just a little bit about me and why I chose to join the Ripken Foundation. 
I wanted to find a career that really complemented my core values of loyalty, enduring relationships, and philanthropy. I knew from my very first interview that the Ripken Foundation was a perfect fit. Like the Foundation, I believe in accountability and being loyal to people who make a difference in my life. The Ripken Foundation and its staff are steadfastly loyal to their donors and sponsors as well as their staff, Board, and the youth and mentors involved in all their major initiatives.

Creating this weekly blog gives me a chance to build relationships with you, the reader. I love to meet new people and learn about new experiences, especially the interactions happening through our programs that help millions of kids to reach their potential all across the country. Lastly, I hope this blog allows me to give back to all the great people who have given me this opportunity. 

Since joining the Ripken Foundation team, I wake up each morning feeling like I am actually making a difference. I look forward to contributing to the mission of the Foundation in this small way and would love to take our blog readers with me on my new journey. 

So please follow me every Wednesday, and don’t hesitate to comment to let me know how I am doing and if you are enjoying the blog. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for taking the time to read the Ripken Foundation’s weekly blog. This is AJ…wishing you all a great day!