Introducing Healthy Choices, Healthy Children: STEM Careers Edition

Jan 21, 2014


Why do we work hard at things, put our sweat and tears into them, make sacrifices?  When it's for our dream, it's worth it if it will get us closer.  If what we want is to become a better athlete, to score more points and win more games, then it's worth running those miles, building those muscles, practicing our free throws or hitting or dribbling.  It's worth getting back up again after we fall down, or doubling our efforts to get back to where we were before an injury.  If what we want is to medal in the Olympics, it’s worth trying an entirely different strategy entirely—in spite of the naysayers.  It's worth it if we've decided that we truly want our dream. 

And so it is with anything in life.  The point of staying in school is not because we're supposed to check that box, but so that we can gain the knowledge and the skills that will help us get to where we want to go—whether it’s a job we enjoy, the ability to conquer new challenges, or achieving whatever our dreams might be.  In Healthy Choices, Healthy Children (HCHC), we challenge kids to choose their own futures.  Our role as coaches and mentors is to open kids’ eyes to their potential, the possibilities, to guide them and encourage them as they work towards their dreams—whatever those dreams may be. 

The world is full of possibilities, but you have to be able to see them in order to seize them.  How do you know how much you enjoy a career that you don't know exists?  Opportunities of all stripes abound, especially in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  However, many of these opportunities either seem out of reach (even if they aren't) or simply aren't obvious in spite of the fact that the work of people in STEM jobs is all around us. 

That's why the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation teamed up with our friends JASON Learning, an educational partnership between the Sea Research Foundation and National Geographic, to create Healthy Choices, Healthy Children: STEM Careers Edition

As with all the other editions intended to supplement the core HCHC curriculum, the STEM Careers Edition includes lessons, hands-on activities, and discussion questions to help you guide youth in career exploration: 

·         How to explore career options, including the vast variety of jobs in STEM fields

·         Learning about what it takes to get into a career field, and the importance of conditioning (education, training, and experience) for any career

·         The importance of keeping an open mind and trying new things, whether you’re just starting to explore or overcoming an obstacle

·         The role of work ethic, sacrifice, and perseverance in achieving your dream

In addition, thanks to JASON Learning, you also have access to 4 videos profiling professionals in 4 unique STEM careers.  Check out the HCHC: STEM Careers Edition, videos, and materials today!

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