New year, new chance to reflect and reboot

Jan 07, 2015

For many kids, this is the first week back at school after the winter break, and back to the normal routine.  There can be something comforting about routine, about knowing that certain things will happen at certain times of the day, that we can look forward to seeing our friends at school or work, about being able to be prepared for the day because you know that the school bus comes at 7:30, that there will be lunch in the cafeteria, that there will be basketball practice this afternoon.

But just as we encourage our kids to reflect and discuss what they’ve learned at the end of a lesson or practice or session, it’s just as important for us to practice this as well.  While a new year is a new page, we are not blank books.

What is one thing you learned in 2014 that will influence what you do in 2015?