New year, new stories to be written

Jan 02, 2014

In December, the program team met to plan and dream for 2014.  In the process, we shared our individual goals for the new year—both personal and professional.  It was a great reminder that we are more than our roles—at work, at home, in our families—and that I am lucky to work with some truly uncommon people.  And sharing them is a great way to make sure others know so that they can support these goals and hold me accountable and vice versa. 

My two big goals for 2014 are to make time for creative writing outside of work, and to work with the rest of the program team to make sure something that started as a kernel of an idea late last year becomes a reality in this one.  (More on that later…)  The story I hope to write this year includes a lot more writing for myself and making this year an uncommon one.

There are 365 blank pages.  Well, okay 364 now….

What are your goals, your dreams or themes for 2014?  What kind of story will you be writing this year?