Practicing Leadership:Today's Play Of The Day

Apr 09, 2020

Today’s Ripken Playbook Play of the Day will help you recognize leaders in your community and become one yourself!  Anyone can be a leader -- teachers, parents, athletes, or law enforcement officers—through words or actions anyone, especially kids, have the power to inspire others and have a positive impact on their communities, large or small. 

Activity Materials (if needed):
1.    Paper 
2.    Pen, pencil or colored pencils/makers

Goal: Sketch your own Leadership Acrostic based on one provided.  
1.    Spell out “Leadership” vertically on your piece of paper.
2.    For each letter, write word, beginning with the corresponding letter, that is a skill or action a leader possesses. 
3.    Once completed, hang your Leadership Acrostic somewhere visible to remind you everyday of the qualities of a good leader.
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