A simple formula for a healthy lifestyle

Jul 25, 2013

The Healthy Choices, Healthy Children: Nutrition Edition curriculum highlights important aspects of nutrition and the benefits of being healthy.  Eating right and maintaining a healthy diet improves one’s overall wellness and provides the energy to tackle any obstacle that comes our way. 

While we may all know this, we may be asking ourselves, “How do I convey healthy options to my children if I don’t know the first thing about nutrition?”  It’s as easy as “5-2-1-Almost None”

What is “5-2-1-Almost None”?  It is a simple way (created by Nemours Health & Prevention Services) to remember the basics of a healthy lifestyle.  Let’s start off by describing each of their functions. 

  • 5 - The number of servings of fruit or vegetables one has during the day.  By eating fruits and vegetables, you are giving your body the healthy carbohydrates and sugars that your body needs to replenish your muscles.  Eating a piece of fruit or a side of vegetables gives you a tremendous amount of energy (and nutrients) and will help you stay active all day. 
  • 2 – The maximum number of hours a day your child should sit in front of a screen.  Whether it is the television or computer or video game, he/she shouldn’t be consumed by technology.  Encourage them to get outside and be active during their free time. 
  • 1 - The minimum number of hours one should be getting of physical activity a day.  The more physical activity we do in a given day, the healthier we will be.  It can be a lightning round of Quickball, or as simple as going to the park and playing on the swing sets.  Encourage them to run, jump and play!  If you’re stumped for group activities, check out the HCHC: Fitness Edition under “Healthy Choices, Healthy Children” on our Materials page.*
  • Almost None - The amount of sugary beverages one should drink throughout the day.  Sugary beverages like soda or fruit punch taste good, but water will keep your body hydrated without the extra calories and sugar.  Show children that water is something to love!

By choosing to eat a healthy diet and maintain a steady routine of physical activity, you help prevent obesity, maintain a healthy weight and improve your overall well-being.  As a coach, taking care of yourself will also show the kids who look up to you the benefits and fun of a healthy lifestyle.   Make a healthy choice and give our HCHC: Nutrition Edition and HCHC: Fitness Edition a try!*

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