Spotlight on Coach Sam Surowiec

Jul 10, 2013

As Matt Jeffers said so well, “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

Sam Surowiec must share the same philosophy.  He didn’t let losing a leg stop him from competing in triathlons, playing wheelchair basketball, or sharing his love of sports with the young people he coaches.

Beyond This Moment from Sunderside Studios on Vimeo.

We heard about Sam Surowiec’s incredible story from our friend Mark Carter, an officer with the Everett Police Department who has coached and mentored many kids himself through Badges for Baseball in Snohomish County in Washington.   Mark is a school resource officer at the middle school where Sam is a dedicated teacher and a coach.  We are grateful to Sam, Mark, and every one of you who is out there inspiring others!  You are our inspiration.