Spotlight on Scott Graham

Feb 08, 2013

Every month we will shine the spotlight on a coach and/or organization doing great work for the kids in their community. 

Scott Graham is a youth development professional at the Lumberton County Parks & Recreation in Lumberton, North Carolina. Scott has been working in youth development for 13 years and continues to act as a champion for the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation’s Badges for Baseball program in North Carolina.

We asked Scott about why he works in youth development, his experiences working with kids in general and through the Badges for Baseball program.  Here’s what he said: “I enjoy working with kids in sports or other activities that keep our youth physically involved and engaged. I like to see kids have a fun and healthy childhood because I was fortunate enough to experience this myself as a child. I also have a father who is a high school sports coach and I was able to enjoy being around his teams at practice and games when I was growing up.During the Lumberton Parks & Recreation Badges for Baseball program, our local law enforcement work with the youth by mentoring them in academic studies, playing Quickball, and learning everyday life lessons. Through this mentoring and interaction, the kids have more positive role models in their lives and feel a lot more comfortable when they see officers around town. My greatest attributes as a youth development professional are my energy, enthusiasm, and my passion to help all children have a great experience during childhood. One of my favorite parts about the Badges for Baseball program is seeing the smiles on some of our underprivileged children while they play Quickball or while they are interacting with the other children without any life concerns.”  Keep up the great work, Coach Scott!