Summer camp memories

May 23, 2013

As we’ve been preparing for the first session of summer camp next week, I asked two of my teammates to share their favorite memories of summer camp, either from camp when they were a kid, or from working at our camps:

Nevi Fernandez: “One of my favorite memories from camp was when my camp group and I got to ride on the banana boat.  The counselors would attach the banana boat to a motor boat and would drive us around the river.  There would be about 10-12 of us on the banana boat.  While we were riding around we would try to stand up while it was moving and see who could stay on without falling off.  We would also hold on to the handle and hang our feet off the sides, dragging them in the water.  Sometimes, when they made sharp turns, we would fall off, but sometimes we would purposely fall off into the water.  One time we purposely jumped off when we were close to the pier, and the counselors made us swim back to the pier.  Luckily, we were not too far, so it turned out to be a fun memory!” (Nevi is a high school senior who is interning with the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation for two weeks before she graduates.)

Gina Richardson: “One of my favorite memories of camp is when we were handing out all of the camp gear to the kids who had just arrived. The look of excitement on their faces when they were given new gloves, uniforms and other goodies was priceless.”  (Gina is our Special Events Coordinator.)

What is your favorite summer camp memory?