Thank You for Being Uncommon

Apr 15, 2014

I can remember it like it was yesterday: our CRSF program staff had just completed a clinic with youth from the MLB Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) program and the LA Dodgers to honor Jackie Robinson at Dodgers Stadium.  Then Monday morning, April 15, 2013, we headed to LAX to catch a flight back east and while waiting to board the news came across the TV stating that there had been an attack during the Boston Marathon.  Instinctively, my thoughts went directly to my brother and his wife, who live in Boston, and my extended family members who were running the race.  Luckily, a few quick phone calls/texts assured me that my family members were safe, but at the same time the realization of how much damage had been done was becoming more and more prevalent.  Over the next few days, I can remember just sitting at home watching the news for hours on end to see if in fact authorities were able to catch those responsible for the destruction.  Finally, there was a sigh of relief when the news came across that the culprits had been brought to justice.  Following the arrest, a sense of rejoice seemed to blanket the nation and especially the Boston area but April 15th had forever changed. 

As we began 2014, our CRSF program team decided that not only were we going to strive to be uncommon individuals, but we were going to highlight uncommon individuals who have shaped or are shaping our society.  Each year on April 15, MLB and its players celebrate the life and impact Jackie Robinson had both in the game and in molding the future of humanity.  To keep with our theme of honoring uncommon people, it is certainly necessary that we continue to celebrate Jackie’s legacy on this day but because of unforeseen events we need to be sure to remember the unbelievable uncommon heroes that came to light in the wake of an incredibly tragic event 365 days ago.  We all as a nation should stand proud knowing that no matter our race, religion, fandom, size, or stature, that in the face of adversity, we all stand together, we all stand strong. 

Please take the time today to not only teach your youth about the impact of Jackie Robinson in baseball and, more importantly, in life, but also to use the unbelievable vehicle of social media to thank our first responders in Boston for being uncommon and standing strong…Boston Strong.

Thank you #42Jackie Robinson, @bostonpolice @bostonfire, @newtonpd, @bostonmarathon, @bostonstrong, @MITPolice, and @MANationalGuard for your uncommon acts. 

Thank you to the uncommon individuals all around us every day who protect and serve, who lead by example, and who persevere in paving the way for others.