Toobie: Introduction and Part 1

Jan 29, 2013

Toobie is a movie that follows the life of a group of inner-city youth, determined to achieve success regardless of the roadblocks they may face.  Toobie and his group of friends face choices, both big and small, many of which could determine their life’s direction. 

We are thrilled to present Toobie: Healthy Choices, Healthy Children Edition.  You can use this tool as a way to help start a dialogue with the kids in your community, drawing out the similarities and differences between their lives and the characters’ lives in the movie.  As discussion questions are included in the movie, you can use this by itself or in addition to the main HCHC curriculum.

We have split the movie into four parts, each containing two chapters with discussion questions at the end of each chapter.  We will be posting a new video segment each week on this blog. 

Some tips for using Toobie effectively:
• Watch each video segment in its entirety before delivering with kids.
• Some scenes or discussions may not be appropriate for your audience, so please use discretion.
• Plan about 30 minutes per chapter to allow ample time for discussion.  As with any other HCHC tool, discussion is crucial and will help you capitalize on teachable moments with your kids.
• Plan to watch the movie over the course of a week or a month, rather than all in one day.  This helps continue an ongoing dialogue.
• Pause the movie when appropriate to facilitate discussion.
• Encourage kids to ask more questions and relate the lessons to their own lives and real life scenarios they have dealt with recently.
• Use questions in the movie to help the kids discuss the choices they are making. 


Here is Part 1:



There are three more installments, so come back next week for Part 2!