Tuesdays with Travis: Traveling City

Feb 05, 2013

So, as most of you may know, the past few weeks have been pretty exciting in the city of Baltimore when it comes to sports.  Despite being a relatively “small market” sports town compared to New York, Boston, Dallas, etc., the Baltimore Ravens have proven that any city can show up and support something in full force. Super Bowl XLVII was the third highest rated televised event in history, and I can say that I personally have never seen a city travel and take over another city in the way that Ravens fans did this weekend.  This Super Bowl weekend proved the power of sports and how they can bring people together no matter what is going on in their lives.  Pictured here is Bourbon Street in New Orleans, filled with fans.

Fans fill Bourbon Street in New Orleans on Super Bowl weekend

It’s amazing how a simple game can inspire people to rally around something and support it wholeheartedly.   I was in New Orleans for four days and no matter where I went, Ravens fans were everywhere.  Complete strangers were high-fiving each other as they walked past, singing together, and I even saw a few hugs.  Most of these fans didn’t know each other, but for this weekend, we were all on the same team.