UnitedHealthcare's Team8 Tour Brings New Renovations to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond

Oct 04, 2019

The nice thing about being a program coordinator at the Ripken Foundation is that I get to travel around the country working with the kids we are helping to live their best lives. This week, I joined our team and UnitedHealthcare volunteers on the fifth stop of the Team8 Tour in Petersburg, VA at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond. Together, we worked to transform a once overgrown and unusable basketball court into a vibrant space that can be used year-round.

We began by removing all the overgrown weeds and shrubbery that had accumulated alongside the basketball court and playground area. The court was resealed, and volunteers painted fresh lines and markings on the new basketball court, as well as repainted the courts backboards.  Flowers were planted around the site to give it a fresh welcoming look, and volunteers worked with a local artist to create a mural space that will now serve as an outdoor art area. It was truly an amazing transformation.

Growing up only 20 minutes from this site, made this project a little extra special for me. Hearing the local residents tell stories about how this court was previously used and knowing now through these renovations that it will again serve as a location where new memories can be made, gave me a better understanding of the impact of these community enhancement projects. This project will help bring life back into the community it serves in so many ways. Kids will be making new memories for many years to come thanks to the dedication and support of UnitedHealthcare and its DoGood. LiveWell. Initiative.