Volunteer Recognition - National Volunteer Week 2018

Apr 17, 2018

This week is National Volunteer Week and we celebrate and thank all of the wonderful volunteers who work with our community partners to make Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation programming possible. Reaching over 1.3 million youth working toward accomplishing our mission is not possible without the help and support from volunteers. 

Volunteers at camp with their team

Many programs around the world rely on the support of volunteers. But how can you show appreciation for volunteers that you encounter in your life? There are many ways to show appreciation, and sometimes the simplest gesture makes a world of difference. Here are some suggestions for showing thanks and gratitude to the volunteers in your life:

  • Say "Thank You!"
  • Write a note or card. Better yet - have the youth in the program help out and write a card
  • Host a volunteer appreciation banquet
  • Small tokens of gratitude - this can be a small gift you purchase, or have program participants make a picture or banner
  • Host an awards ceremony to recognize outstanding volunteers, as well as long-time volunteers
  • Feature stories about volunteers and their successes on social media and blogs (with their permission of course)
  • Nominate them for awards! There are many community service organizations that recognize outstanding volunteers. Check your local community, or look for national partners who host awards. Sometimes all it takes is a letter of recommendation.
  • And once again, just say "Thank You!" - telling volunteers how much they are appreciated goes a long way

How do you recognize volunteers within your organization? Or do you have outstanding volunteers that help with Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation programs? Share your story below! We love to hear from our partners. And your submission may be featured in a future blog post! 

Volunteer giving a camper a high-five

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