What is a blog?

Jan 30, 2013

I woke up this morning with a great idea of writing my first blog post for our new CRSF Portal.  I sat down in my cubicle with my morning coffee, eager to get something going, when I realized, “I am not even sure what a blog is!”  So I went right to the Google to figure it out because I was sure there were others who were just as confused.  After a few different sites and a Wikipedia page, I decided to lean on my personal computer information highway, Travis

So after much research, the definition of a blog is “a discussion on an informational site that is usually centered around one subject.”  But to me and everyone else who is computer savvy, it is basically a discussion in real time about anything.  Watch out world, I learned how to use the AV system in our conference room and what a blog is—all in the same morning.  There will definitely be entertainment to follow.