What makes for a great volunteer experience?

Apr 09, 2014

This week is National Volunteer Week.  Although some of us are paid staff at our organizations, most if not all of us have been volunteers at some point.  As youth-serving organizations and non-profits, volunteers play a huge role in the success of our mission. 


While we’ve covered some ways to thank and recognize volunteers, it’s always helpful to hear what practices help make a volunteer’s experience a great one.  I know my volunteer experiences have informed my work on the other side of the coin as a volunteer coordinator, and you all certainly have a wealth of experiences, so let’s share them!


·         When you have volunteered, what did the organization’s staff do to make it a great experience?


·         Or, if you’re the person coordinating volunteers, how do you keep it simple, explain the why, make it fun, and celebrate the individual?


Comment below with your experience or tips by 5 p.m. ET on Friday, April 11th, and we’ll enter you into a drawing for a Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation shirt and travel mug!  (Please include your name so that if you win, we can match your response to the e-mail address on your account and contact you for details!)