Writing new stories at CRSF Camp

Aug 26, 2013

We’re often asked “just what happens at #CRSFCamp?  What do the kids do?  What do the kids learn? Who teaches the lessons?  How can just one week impact someone’s life? 

Well…here’s our answer. 

#CRSFCamp is a story.  During a one week period, the incredible CRSF program staff work with campers to create a story unique to the camp week.  Each camp week is different.  Each camper is different.  While the fundamental elements are the same, the story is ever-changing.   Just like #theripkenway tells us, at #CRSFcamp we celebrate the individual while creating a team spirit.  Let’s take a look at the fundamentals followed by the incredible individuals who made #CRSFcamp week 3, quite simply, amazing. 

The fundamental elements of a #CRSFcamp include:

·         Passionate and dedicated chaperones from our partner organizations

·         Protein shakes to get “the big bear” (Assistant Director, @Bobby_CRSF) going in the morning)

·         Young people willing to challenge themselves

·         Coach @Brooke_CRSF leading the dance contest

·         Snacks, snacks, snacks, and a few more snacks…followed by TACO night!!!!

·         Deputy US Marshals

·         Sharing our goals on the final night

·         Coach @Rosina_CRSF coaching our sick campers to good health

·         189 amazing young people willing to follow Professor Chris outside of their comfort zone

·         Coach @Travis_CRSF leading the way

While our fundamental elements lead the way, it’s the individuals of #CRSFcamp who make it memorable.  It’s the young lady who stands in front of the group and declares that she “will always stand out from the crowd.”  It’s the young man who stands up to declare that he wants to be a crisis counselor, reminding us that “I will change the world.” 

It’s the young woman going home to a family of turmoil.  #CRSFcamp is for her.  For the girl who’s never been told “I’m proud of you.”  For the boy who’s never been anything but the butt of jokes. 

For the skeptics, we say, spend a week @CalRipkenSrFdn #CRSFcamp.  Look into the eyes of the young woman in foster care.  Walk a week in their shoes.  Better yet, come dance a week in their shoes.  It’s not about baseball.  It’s not even about summer camp.  It’s about them.  It’s about the story that each and every one of our campers are writing.  It’s about the story.  It’s about every story, those written and those yet to be written.