You’re invited to the first annual Cal, Sr. Day!

Jul 16, 2014

If you look up the definition of "mentor," you will find that it can be defined as both a noun (an experienced and trusted adviser) and a verb (to train and advise someone especially those who are younger).  Undoubtedly, your own work with youth was inspired by a mentor in your life.  

Cal Ripken, Sr. understood the definition of a mentor.  It was evident in the way he coached his teams, and in the way he raised his children.  "The Ripken Way" came out of Cal, Sr.'s determination to ensure the players, neighborhood kids, and all those he coached would excel first as teammates, and second as athletes.  He knew that the lessons he taught on the field would extend far beyond the foul lines.  It's the legacy that Bill Ripken and Cal Ripken, Jr. wanted to carry on when they started the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation with their family in 2001.

We all carry on the legacy of Cal, Sr. and our mentors by working with youth every day to help improve their lives. Cal, Sr. probably never dreamed that his example would bring so many of us together, and yet, here we are, coaching kids in communities across the country.

In our own special way of recognizing that, the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation invites you to join us in celebrating the first annual "Cal, Sr. Day."  

Host one of the following activities on August 11, 2014 to help us honor an uncommon coach together with the children you serve:

  • Play Quickball at your club
  • Organize a clean-up effort at your club or in your community
  • Coordinate a baseball/softball game for children with special needs

The pinnacle of this special day will be the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation's Ribbon Cutting of our 25th Youth Development Park - Vi Ripken Field - on the grounds where Cal, Sr. coached and held impromptu clinics for youth in Aberdeen, MD.  

Working in his own community, Cal, Sr. used many tools to mentor youth and players alike.  In this spirit, we invite you to be creative in celebrating "Cal, Sr. Day" with your kids--as long as you tell us about it!

We look forward to hearing your plans, and to celebrating this day, and Cal, Sr., with each of you.