Celebrating International Day of the Girl Featuring I'm GREAT program

Oct 11, 2021

Help us celebrate all the young girls in our programs, especially those in our year-round leadership and female mentorship program, I'm GREAT (Girls Respecting Each other And Themselves), for middle school-aged girls. 

This leadership program can be implemented at youth-based organizations and schools throughout the U.S. and is structured with a carefully crafted girls’ curriculum that consists of six important life skills: Be Real, Reflective, Respectful, Responsible, Resilient, and Remarkable. These six lessons focus on different aspects of girls respecting each other and themselves. Over the last four years, the I’m GREAT program has been implemented at seven program sites impacting over 900 at-risk girls with the help of 100 mentors.

In addition to the I’m GREAT curriculum, the Ripken Foundation has created four additional fitness activities that help to round out the girls’ program. These fitness-focused lessons can be alternated with the I’m GREAT lessons throughout the year to keep girls engaged in creating a healthy, positive lifestyle.

For more information on the I'm GREAT program, click here.