Ripken Foundation At-Home Programs

Oct 26, 2020

The coronavirus has had a tremendous impact on at-risk youth across the country. Most school systems and youth-serving organizations that provide educational curriculum and activities, food, stability, physical fitness, and afterschool mentoring programs are closed or open with very limited capacity. In March 2020, the Ripken Foundation quickly adapted our programs to continue our services on virtual platforms to maintain our connection and engagement with our program partners and the at-risk youth in the communities we impact. The Ripken Playbook, At-Home STEM, I’m GREAT, and the Virtual Fitness online and at-home programs create protective measures when in-person communication and interaction is limited. These programs are temporary adaptions of the Badges program during the COVID-19 pandemic but will continue to be available when in-person programs resume. These virtual experiences and at-home activities help our law enforcement and youth mentors maintain the consistency and stability of the mentor/mentee relationship they have cultivated over the year-long Badges program.  

To find out more about our virtual programs, visit our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms.

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