Ripken Foundation Opens New STEM Center in Mississippi

Dec 18, 2023

The newest Ripken STEM Center was just unveiled in Starkville, MS at the Boys and Girls Club Starkville Club House. The Ripken Foundation teamed up with the Tennessee Valley Authority to open 27 STEM Centers in the seven states TVA operates. Students will now have access to educational products like Ozobots, a 3D printer, and bee-bots, as well as the Ripken STEM Curriculum Guidebook. "The kids are our future. And so the more I learn about the technology and advancements that take place that strike that interest in becoming future engineers, this is the starting point," said President and CEO of the Boys and Girls Club - Golden Triangle Rob Thorton. "Here at Boys and Girls Club, this new STEM innovative lab will give them that. Just that opportunity, that extra boost to say 'Hey, I can do this', and have fun while doing it."

To learn more about our STEM initiative, click here. Read more about this project in WBCI's article here.