Ripken Foundation Opens New STEM Center at Tulsa Dream Center

Sep 05, 2023

The Ripken Foundation has partnered with Devon Energy to install a brand new STEM Center on the Tulsa Dream Center's west campus. Because the opening of the first location on the north campus was so successful, the Dream Center hopes this new addition will bring in even more kids. The state-of-the-art, turnkey Center will come equipped with the CRSF curriculum, furniture, and educational tools like 3D printers, Snap Circuits, and Bee-Bots. "This curriculum is different because it creates hands-on activities for all our boys and girls,” said Tulsa Dream Center's Executive Director Tim Newton. He continued, “And it creates them for those 21st-century skills: science, technology, engineering, and math it is the future. It is really our now. I know I say it’s our future, but it's the now. I believe by them being exposed to this technology; it's going to allow them to be able to create the jobs for the future."

Read more about this project with News on 6 here. To learn more about our STEM Center initiative, click here.