5 Wellness Tips: Today's Fitness Play of the Day

Oct 19, 2020

While at home, it is important to make sure that we are staying positive and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. Today’s Fitness Play of the Day from the Ripken Playbook is brought to you by our partners the Boys and Girls Club of Sarasota! Try implementing Mrs. V's 5 Wellness Tips to improve your productivity, health, and wellness!

Watch this video to learn about Mrs. V’s 5 Wellness Tips!

Can you implement these five positive, wellness tips into your everyday life? 

  1. Set goals for yourself
  2.  Maintain consistency
  3. Be accountable
  4. Form a routine
  5. Track your progress

Write down each tip and plan ways you can incorporate them into your daily routine. 

Share your plan with us on social media!

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