Catching Challenge: Today's Adaptive Play of the Day

Jul 08, 2020

The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation partnered with the League of Dreams to create an Adaptive edition of the Ripken Playbook. Through this edition, special needs youth will have fun, develop skills, stay active, and participate in different virtual challenges. 

Today’s Adaptive Play of the Day from the Ripken Playbook focuses on fitness -- specifically the skill of catching -- and will also help you practice your teamwork and communication skills.


  • Baseball or softball, or other ball
  • A partner

How to Catch!

  1. Move your body directly in the path of the ball. 
  2. Keep your feet wide.
  3. Keep your eyes on the ball as it travels through the air. When catching, adjust your hands based on path of the ball.
    1. If the ball is above your waist, catch the ball with your fingers toward the sky --High to the Sky.
    2. If the ball is thrown below your waist, catch the ball with your fingers toward the ground -- Down to the Ground.
    3. When catching the ball, pull it into your body, so your body 'gives' with the catch. Think of having "soft hands."

At-Home Challenge

Using the catching skills you just learned above, see how many consecutive times you and your partner can catch the ball! 


  • Use various sizes and textures of balls: soft, hard, small, or large.
    • TIP: larger balls make it easier to catch with both hands. 
  • Catch from different heights.
  • Underhand and overhand throws.

Things to remember while playing catch: 

  • Make sure your partner is paying attention before the ball is thrown. 
    • Say their name.
    • Make eye contact. 
    • Signal that you’re ready to play. 
  • Throwing the ball at an appropriate speed.
  • If your partner misses the catch, cheer them on with words of encouragement or give them. a thumbs up! 

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