Create an At-Home Routine: Today's Play of the Day

Mar 30, 2020

Recently, as our normal routines have been disrupted and we are confined to our homes, it is more important than ever for you to establish a new daily routine to ensure your mental and physical wellbeing. 

Ripken Playbook Weekly ChecklistClick here to access the Ripken Playbook Weekly Checklist as a resource for you to stay organized and motivated each day!

If you need more ideas of how to stay busy at home, here are a few activities our team has added to their daily routines to give them a sense of personal growth and accomplishment:

•    Read – For at least 30 minutes, dive into an uplifting news story, your favorite graphic novel series, a story from a friend, or even a workbook for school. Challenge yourself to have at least one screen-free reading session a week.
•    Get Active – Play catch, go for a walk, or try a Ripken Playbook Play of the Day for at least 30 minutes each day.
•    Get Creative – Practice an instrument, draw a picture, build a tower of blocks, write a letter to someone, learn how to sew -- use this time to focus on your hobbies or start a new one! 
•    Be Helpful – Something as simple as helping cook a meal or assisting with household chores goes a long way.
•    Stay Connected – Just because we are spending time apart does not mean we cannot stay connected. Call your teammates, video chat a family member, text a friend – each day try to connect with at least two people outside of your home to keep your community connected. 

What is one activity you make sure you do every day? Be sure to share with us on social media what your new home routine looks like!

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