Discuss Bullying: Today's Resilience Play of the Day

Aug 24, 2020

 If we do not become more aware of how humor, words, or actions can unintentionally, negatively affect others, something that we mean to be humorous can actually turn into bullying behavior. In today’s Resilience Play of the Day from the Ripken Playbook, you will discuss with your family and friends what they consider to be unkind or bullying behaviors, so you can better build each other up with kindness and respect.  

Discuss Bullying


  • Pen/pencil
  • One sheet of paper per person
  • At least one family member or friend 


  • Objective –  based on facts; not left up to personal interpretation.
  • Subjective –  based on personal opinions and feelings.

Let’s Begin

  1. On your pieces of paper, you and your partner will write your own answers to the following questions and then discuss:  
    1. What is the definition of bullying?
    2. Why do you think people bully others?
    3. Why do you think it’s important to address bullying when you witness it?
  2. Then with your partner, answer the following:
    1. Did you and your partner write the same definition for "bullying"? If not, why do you think your answers were different? 
    2. Is bullying objective or subjective?
    3. Did your discussion show how bullying can mean different things to different people? 
  3. With your partner, brainstorm positive ways you can stand up to those who treat you in a hurtful manner, especially if they are friends who may not even realize the effects of their words and actions.

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