Fit Dice: Today's Fitness Play of the Day!

Mar 15, 2021

Today’s #RipkenPlaybook is a fun way to get some exercise while using a typical board game piece and using it to create a fun workout you can do with family and friends. Fitness is so important in maintaining a healthy, happy, well-functioning body. Today’s play of the day creates some suspense because you never know what exercise you are going to have to do next! So, stretch out and get ready for exciting and fun workout.

1. A die.
2. A piece of paper.
3. Pen or Pencil to write which workout goes with each number of the die.
4. An open area to safely participate in this activity.

Activity Directions:
1. There are 6 sides on a die each number is a different workout.

  • 1: Squat
  • 2: Jumping jack
  • 3: 30 second wall sit
  • 4: 30 second plank
  • 5: Push-up
  • 6: 30 second stationary jog 

Any exercise that is not timed do 10 repetitions of it. Roll the dice 10 times total and that is your workout.