Float Your Boat: Today's Play of the Day

Apr 17, 2020

Today’s Ripken Playbook STEM Play of the Day is to create a boat that can hold weight without sinking.

Watch this fun video demonstration of today’s STEM Play of the Day!


  • Tin foil, paper, clay, straws, tape, or other lightweight building materials for your boat
  • Weights (pennies, beans, beads, etc.)
  • Container filled with water (tub, bucket, etc.)

Goal: To construct a boat that can float and carry weight

Questions: Before You Begin Testing

  • What materials did you use to create your boat?
  • What will you use as weight?
  • How many units of weight do you think your boat will hold?
  • Did you us a type of boat as inspiration for your design? (sailboat, catamaran, barge, etc.)

Test Your Boat

  • Add one unit of weight and gently float your boat across your container of water. If it successfully makes the voyage, add one more unit of weight, and repeat. Continue until your boat sinks!

Questions: After Your Boat Sinks

  • How many units of weight did your boat hold? 
  • How would you modify your boat to hold more weight?
  • If your boat was a different shape, would it have worked better?

Modify your boat and test again!

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